This farm solution lets you hide/show menu items from the Actions menu associated to every lists. Each list can be configured individually without interfeering with the others.

This feature can be particularly interesting to disable the datasheet mode of one or more lists and is a good alternative to some tedious javascript techniques that make the datasheet view link disappearing while not preventing it totally in case users type the URL directly in the browser. Moreover, you don't need to disable the client integration feature nor to deal with custom permission levels.

Here are a few screenshots illustrating the functionality :

Web feature available in the "Site Features" :


By going to the List Settings or Library Settings and then when clicking on Actions Menu


You get the possibility to enable/disable any actions menu item of any list


If for instance, you disable all the options, you'll end up with the following:


So, you can decide list per list which options you want to enable no matter to the rights of the visitor.

Note that you can decide to hide/show ribbon items according to whether lists are instances of XsltListViewWebPart or native lists. The solution is also working with migrated sites from 2007 not yet visually upgraded

Installation Instructions

- Download the solution and install it via stsadm or PowerShell

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