My Toolbar

This feature, entirely based on the Ecmascript client object model and on jQuery, intends to help users targetting their own items. After having activated a web scoped feature, a toolbar like this will appear on every list and for every logged in user. The toolbar isn't accessible in anonymous mode:


My Items

This dropdown lists either the user's document either the user's items. It peforms a recursive lookup including folders and shows only the items or documents created by the currently logged in user. When clicking on an item, the item detailed view popup shows up or the document gets opened using its associated client.


My Views

This dropdown lists all the views belonging to the current user. In other words, all its personal views. When clicking on an item, the user is redirected to the corresponding view page.



This textbox allows client-side filtering to show only the matching elements. The filter applies as you type on all the metadata present in the list view.


User Contribution

This part is filled in as soon as you click on the "My Items" link to avoid unnecessary roundtrips with the server and shows the percentage of user contributions over the entire list.


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